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Classification under CHIP

Classification of dangerous substances and preparations

Category of danger Property Symbol-letter
Physico-chemical Properties
Explosive Chemicals which may react exothermically without atmospheric oxygen thereby quickly evolving gases, and which under defined test conditions detonate or upon heating explode when partially confined.
Oxidising Chemicals that react exothermically with other chemicals, particulary flammable chemicals.
Extremely flammable Chemicals that have an extremely low flash point and boiling point, and gases that catch fire in contact with air at ambient temperature and pressure.
Highly flammable Chemicals that may catch fire in contact with air, only need brief contact with an ignition source, have a very low flash point or evolve highly flammable gases in contact with water.
Flammable Chemicals that have a low flash point. none
Health Effects
Very toxic Chemicals which in very low quantities cause death or acute or chronic damage to health. T+
Toxic Chemicals which in low quantities cause death or acute or chronic damage to health. T
Harmful Chemicals which may cause death or acute or chronic damage to health. Xn
Corrosive Chemicals that may destroy living tissue on contact. C
Irritant Non-corrosive chemicals that may cause inflammation to the skin or other mucous membranes. Xi
Sensitising by skin contact Chemicals which are capable of eliciting a reaction by hypersensitization such that on further exposure to the chemical, characteristic adverse effects are produced Xi
Sensitising by inhalation Xn
Carcinogenic category 1 Chemicals that may cause cancer or increase its incidence. T
Carcinogenic category 2 T
Carcinogenic category 3 Xn
Mutagenic category 1 Chemicals that induce heritable genetic defects or increase their incidence. T
Mutagenic category 2 T
Mutagenic category 3 Xn
Toxic for reproduction category 1 Chemicals that produce or increase the incidence of non-heritable adverse effects in progeny and/or an impairment in reproductive functions or capacity. T
Toxic for reproduction category 2 T
Toxic for reproduction category 3 Xn
Environmental Effects
Dangerous for the environment Chemicals that may present an immediate or delayed danger to one or more components of the environment N

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