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SafeFreight Consultancy was formed in September 1999 by a consortium of safety advisers who agreed to offer their services to businesses who are affected by the TDGSA regulations.

By the end of 2000 SafeFreight Consultancy had established a broad client base throughout the UK by providing our customers with a complete DGSA solution package.

As our customers grow so do our services to them. We currently offer the following services:

Our aim is to expand our business by continually improving our services whilst keeping the cost to our customers to a minimum.

The aim of these services is to ensure that your business is operating in accordance
with relevant regulations and to improve your business through increased health,
safety and environmental awareness to reduce the risks of accidents to its
employees and members of the public.

SafeFreight Consultancy:
Helping you Transport Dangerous Goods Safely

DGSA Consultancy

In-Company Training Courses
Classification for Supply
Safety Data Sheet Production
COSHH Assessment
Risk Assessment
Compliance Auditing




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