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S - U
SAC Standing Advisory Committee (Marine Safety Agency)
SADT Self-accelerating decomposition temperature
SAR Structural Activity Relationship
SCHIP Standing Committee on Hazard Information and Packaging (advises HSE on CHIP and related matters)
SDS Safety Data Sheet
SI Statutory Instrument
SITPRO Simpler Trade Procedures Organisation
SOLAS International Convention for Safety of Life at Sea
ST-1 IAEA Regulations on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials, also known as TS-R-1
STEL Short-Term Exposure Limit
TC Transport category
TDG Transport of Dangerous Goods
TDGSA Regulations The Transport of Dangerous Goods (Safety Advisers) Regulations 1999
TI Transport Index (in relation to the transport of radioactive materials)
Transportable Pressure Receptacle A vessel (not an aerosol) with a volume not exceeding 1000 litres or if seamless not exceeding 5000 litres, used for the carriage of gas. This includes a transportable assembly of receptacles, held together by a manifold with each individual receptacle having a volume of 150 litres or less
TREMCARD Transport Emergency Card
TS-R-1 IAEA Regulations on the Safe Transport of Radioactive Materials, also known as ST-1
TWA Time Weighted Average
UEL Upper Explosive Limit, highest concentration of a flammable liquid vapour and air mixture expressed as a percentage by volume in air, in which an explosion will occur on ignition in a confined area
UN United Nations
UN ECE UN Economic Commission for Europe
UN number A four digit number specified in the Approved Carriage List as a means of identification for dangerous goods, devised by the United Nations
UN Recommendations United Recommendations on the Transport of Dangerous Goods- Model Regulations



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